413th Fighter Group (SE)

Japanese Prisoners
Courtesy of Percy Moen




Arthur Blodjian remembers that at one point a Japanese soldier was spotted in an area of shrubs. “We surrounded him and were shooting at him.” Art remains surprised that they didn’t hit each other. “We didn’t hit the Jap either and he went up and surrendered to the officer’s quarters.”

According to Percy Shook, "About a month or two after we came ashore I was coming to breakfast. I came upon four Japanese soldiers sitting in front of our squadron headquarters smoking cigarettes. They turned themselves in from hiding in the many caves on our side of the island. They probably ran out of food."

Bert Collison recalled two Japanese soldiers showing up at breakfast in the mess tent saying they had been hiding in caves on the island. Bert says the Japanese soldiers ate well that morning.


Rollie Weeks notes; “One night the Japs camp up to the mess hall because of hunger. They were fed and housed.”