413th Fighter Group (SE)

The 413th Fighter Group (SE) was constituted on October 5, 1944 and activated on the 15th of the same month. The pilots trained for long range missions flying Republic P-47Ns. The “N” variant was designed with long range flight capabilities in anticipation of the invasion of Japan.


“A stirring drama was begun whenever our ships went on a mission. Heavy with a full load that varied with the mission, the 47's would hurtle themselves down the dusty runway, much as a broad or high jumper struggling to put forth his maximum effort at just the right moment to become airborne. Always, as the plane roared down the runway, we were conscious of the tragedy that was pent up and ready to be released by any error on the part of pilot or crew chief or materiel failure. Each take off was a lifetime that lasted 30 seconds. Each half minute a friend, his life, his family, his hopes, their hopes and ours flashed by. The moment the ship became airborne, we relaxed a bit and, as wheels began to retract and the boy gained altitude, we silently and unconsciously thanked God. Then turned to watch our next friend commit himself to the same cycle.”  Parker Tyler

P-47N of the 34th Squadron of the 413th with no payload
P-47N of the 19th Fighter Squadron of the 318th Fighter Group with a full payload